Welcome to FabFuse

FabFuse is an independent conference that it is made by the contributions of the participants: lectures, workshops, screenings, demonstrations et cetera. Post your contribution here and see it added to this line-up instantly!

Diana Wildschut - citizen investigative journalism

A recent development in the p2p world is citizens investigative journalism. After controversial news events, citizens reconstruct history using social media as a source. The quality of their research is high, but can they compete with professional journalism?

Lipika - Social Design and Education

How can social design play a role in education. Children learn to think about various societal problems, investigate the problem and collaboratively try to find solutions. It is a bottom-up approach of becoming an engaged citizen.

Harmen Zijp - p2p or how to tell my parents?

Al Gore's documentary 'An inconvenient truth' reverberated around the world and put the topic of climate change firmly on many policy agendas. BBC's 'A Farm for the future' analyses the dependency of our food supplies on oil and makes a case for a lower footprint agriculture. However it is hard to find an equally compelling document explaining p2p or open source to laymen. In this session we'll collect and analyse what is available and - if necessary - write an open call for documentary makers. What bits are notoriously hard to explain and which mediaproductions can we envision? Please place your suggestions (documentaries, animations, cartoons, books) beforehand on the etherpad below.

Prabhat Kumar Jha - An alternative look at innovation

'Jugaad' in Hindi-Urdu means an innovative fix used for solutions that bend rules. This meaning is often used to signify creativity to make existing things work or to create new things with meagre resources. As part of Fabfuse, the concept of ‘Jugaad’ will be introduced by analyzing the difference and similarities in concepts between 'Rapid Prototyping' 'Tinkering', 'Bricolage', and ‘Hacking’. How does it differ from other innovation processes and methodologies? And is it innovation or is it survival?

Cooperatieve Universiteit Amersfoort - Proceedings of the Cooperative University of Amersfoort

The scientists of Cooperative University of Amersfoort will give an overview of the projects they are engaged in. Some projects are finished, some in progress and some are only wild plans. The audience is encouraged to be critical.

Scott Bremer - Citizen science approach for gathering climate knowledge with stakeholders in Bangladesh

The TRACKS research project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, aims to bring science and society together in an interacting platform to co-produce high quality knowledge of climate variability and its impacts in the Sylhet Division, one of the climatically vulnerable regions of Bangladesh. As part of this research, TRACKS will engage local stakeholders as an extended peer community, to initiate their own citizen science initiative on local climate variability. In this talk we will discuss the ways in which TRACKS has engaged this extended peer community of citizen scientists, how we will assemble a portfolio of climate indicators with them, how we anticipate measuring these indicators, and how we will ensure the ‘scientific’ quality of the data collected, to best support local climate adaptation.

Imkerij De WAR - bee hive sensors

At the apiary of De WAR, the bees are monitored by a set of prototype sensors that measure weight, humidity, temperature and CO2. This tells us a lot about the bees' behaviour, but it is also a lot of fun to watch. We intend to develop the sensors to a better version that can be sent into the world so more beekeepers can collect data that can be analysed for scientific purposes. In this brainstorm session we invite anyone with some knowledge of electronics, communication or bees to think with us about how we can improve the setup.

Diderik van Wingerden & Peter Troxler - Open Source Hardware and OSHWA Netherlands

Last year, Fabfuse saw the birth of the firs European chapter of the Open Source HardWare Association (OSHWA) the one in the Netherlands. This session will give an overview over the work of OSHWA and other current developments in Open Source Hardware. And it will highlight some dilemmas and shortcomings in OS Hardware. Related to the lecture, FabFuse will hold a Meet-up for OSHWA enthusiasts: roadmap for OSHWA-NL