FabFuse is an independent conference that it is made by the contributions of the participants: lectures, workshops, screenings, demonstrations et cetera. Post your contribution here and see it added to this line-up instantly!

Diana Wildschut - Science and peer production

What can scientists do for grass roots initiatives? Citizens all over the world start taking over tasks from governments, NGO's and businesses. How can they benefit from the outcomes of scientific research, as well as contribute to it?

Melle Smets - Turtle car project in Ghana

Artist Melle Smets and researcher Joost van Onna followed the trail of Europe’s discarded cars to capitalism’s periphery to learn about ‘System D’ or Système Débrouillardise, the capacity to be able to think on your feet, to adapt and to improvise in order to finish a job properly. In the Ghanaian neighbourhood of Suami Magazine, over 200,000 craftsmen recycle our discarded car scrap. Together with these resourceful craftsmen, Melle and Joost created a new, characteristic African car: the SMATI Turtle 1.

Harmen G. Zijp - Proceedings of the Grassroots University of Amersfoort

A few years ago the idea was born to start a university in the city of Amersfoort, a town with no academic past and in the direct vicinity of 4 renowned universities. The case was made for a bottom-up research facility, ran by a community of independent researchers and citizen scientists. This talk gives an overview of what happened since.

Fabfuse - Discussion about the future of citizen science

Open discussion between participants about the future of citizen science. Can they contribute more than just collect data with their smart phone? What are the possibilities for personal growth? Should citizen scientists connect to main stream science?

Joachim de Koning - Hybrid Assets

A meta-protocol and blockchain integration solution for transacting value across different digital currency systems would allow for multiple decentralized financial platforms to exchange value and thus form a coherent cryptosphere, without needing intermediary financial institutions. We will explore a method by which this could be implemented.

Fabfuse - Film: Empire Me

Film about micro states in several countries.